Sunday, June 6, 2010




This year's HeroesCon has been absolutely wonderful. Got to talk to some of my favorite artists and got some wonderful reviews from them. This year was also the first con that I had work to display too. Jay Peteranetz inked up some gorgeous pin-ups of the Infinite Gauntlet crew as well as some other classic Marvel characters, which he gave me the opportunity to color. It's always great when you can color well done inks, just helps the piece come together.

The Goon got some color...




Tony Moore is an amazing artist, one of my favorites, and I wanted to test my skills in coloring his work. This was an exercise in painting technique using a mixture of brushes and a little madness. I enjoyed the opportunity to be loose and just have fun with Mr. Moore's inks. Enjoy!

Summer time means Deadpool time?







First post of the summer and it's gotta be Deadpool! Had an amazing opportunity to work with Dominike Stanton on these pages. His pencils were perfect to leave some play in the inks but also guide my brush in the right direction. Again, amazing opportunity I hope to have again in the future.